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Reduce Plastic, Choose Bamboo....

Kuri-Chiku® profoundly believes in reducing the plastic pollution by producing sustainable, earth friendly products using materials such as Bamboo. Bamboo is such a fantastic resource which can replace plastic. Bamboo is so much better for our planet. It absorbs carbon dioxide whilst producing oxygen. It requires no pesticides and little water to grow. It grows at a rapid rate and can be renewed easily without damaging the soil in which it grows. Bamboo also contains natural anti-bacterial properties making it a great material for in the kitchen and other areas around the home. This is why we love Bamboo Products.

Benefits of Bamboo

Invisible Plastics and Pollutants


  • Plankton eat micro plastics. It can kill them.
  • Some plastics exude poisons and toxins such as BPA and Phthalates.
  • Other poisons stick to plastic.
  • Plastics and poisons go from plankton, up the food chain and even into our food.


Plastic: Annually 320 million tonnes are made. Eight million tonnes enter the Oceans. Micro plastics have been found in food and even tap water. Some of these sources:

  • Nurdles used to mould plastics, millions lost at sea
  • Microbeads found in personal care products
  • Microfibres wash off from our clothing and other textile products
  • Medical and chemical Pollutants that our poured down the drain.

There is hope

  • In 2018, the UK banned plastic micro beads in personal care products.
  • Since plastic carrier bags in supermarkets are no longer free, the UK has reduced its usage by 85%.
  • Many organisations are looking to reduce single use plastics.

There is much to do

Stop using single use plastics! Such as toothbrushes, plastic cutlery, disposable plastic cups, straws, cotton buds. These are the products Kuri-Chiku® looks to replace with bamboo made alternatives. As well disposable single use items, try and go further to look for other products made of earth friendly materials like bamboo or simply materials that are biodegradable or recyclable.

As time goes on we can significantly reduce the plastic waste with much more earth friendly items.

Also encourage others to do the same and lets improve our planets future Today!

10 "Alternative to Plastic" Bamboo Products you can easily change Today!

Small simple changes can have a big impact and help our planet by reducing the plastic pollution plaguing our oceans. Here are just a few things you could look to change from regular plastic products to a more environmentally friendly bamboo alternative.

Toothbrush – This every day item is in every household and generally disposed of every 3 months. Not surprising that over 200 million toothbrushes are thrown away every year in the UK going to landfill and our oceans. The Bamboo Toothbrush was the first product we looked to produce.

Cotton Buds – Millions of cotton buds are thrown into bins every year and currently made of mainly plastic. A simple change to Bamboo will significantly reduce plastic waste.

Cups – Single use plastic cups are a huge problem. From work places, food stands to children’s parties, plastic single use cups are rarely reused or recycled. There are disposable bamboo cups which are biodegradable but also some very cool bamboo reusable mugs which don’t cost the earth.

Water Bottle – Whilst water bottles tend to be reused more than once their affect when disposed of is damaging. Why not make your next water bottle a Bamboo Water Bottle.

Towels – Why not try a bamboo towel, they are super soft and made from a sustainable eco friendly material.

Socks – Super soft and has natural anti-bacterial properties. So give your feet some natural comfort.

Sunglasses – Whilst the lens may still be plastic, by opting for some cool bamboo frames, the amount of plastic is reduced.

Straws – Already moves a foot to eliminate plastic straws. Try a bamboo straw.

On the go Cutlery – By replacing plastic cutlery with bamboo cutlery which is biodegradable.

Lunch box – The daily sandwich carrier can now be bought in some cool bamboo lunch box designs.

Organic Eco-Friendly Plastic Alternative Products for every day use.

Bamboo Mug
Bamboo Socks
Bamboo Soap Dispenser
Bamboo Towels
Bamboo Bowl

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Why is Bamboo such a great material?

Bamboo is an evergreen perennial and one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Within 24 hours it can grow 3 feet in height. Unlike most trees and wood type plants bamboo reaches maturity in only 3-5 years. The largest of the species of bamboo can reach heights of 1300 feet.

Bamboo Flowers

Flowers of bamboo are rarely seen. Some species of bamboo develop flowers after 65 or 120 years. Interesting fact about flowering is that all plants of one bamboo species develop flowers at the same time, no matter where they are located in the world.

Bamboo is Good for the Ozone and Environment

Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide compared to other plants. Because of these features, bamboo greatly decreases amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and cleans the air.

It is good to know that bamboo does not require fertilizers for optimal growth. Discarded leaves of bamboo provide all needed nutrients when they start to decompose.

Bamboo has wide and strong root system which holds the soil stable and prevents erosion of the ground.

and so much more….

Interestingly, bamboo is used in folk medicine to treat infections and to accelerate healing of the wounds.

Bamboo has stronger structure than steel and it is widely used in the construction industry. Other than that, bamboo is used in the
manufacture of floors, furniture, house walls, skateboards, bicycle frames and helmets.

Bamboo Products are Greener than Plastic

With Bamboo being a sustainable material due to its fast growth and little need for chemical pesticides it is the material our future needs. Whilst currently bamboo products are still not as cheap and readily available as their plastic counterparts it is only a matter of time as people become more Eco conscious and seek out a greener sustainable lifestyle that demand will increase and the price of these items will fall.


Bamboo Products are more popular than ever

As more people become Eco Conscious about our planet and aim to make their lives more greener, Bamboo is becoming the popular choice.

Bamboo in our Kitchens

With kitchenware such as dinner sets and cutlery being replaced with bamboo products its only a matter of time that the demand for plastic is significantly reduced and bamboo products become the norm in most households.

Bamboo in our Bedrooms

Bedding sets including mattresses, duvets, pillows, duvet covers and pillow covers are now available being made from bamboo fibers. Many claim that bamboo bed sheets are even softer than those made from Egyptian cotton.

Bamboo on our bodies

Bamboo clothing is already available, bamboo socks being readily available on the high street. But it wont be long until we begin to see more high street fashion brands adopt this material in favour of cotton and synthetic materials.

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